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 Enjoy learning the new programs being offered for Businesses and Families

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Coach Judy work ethics and the passion to support and assist others
for over 22 years, is benefiting Business and Families, 

Labels people have given Coach Judy are:

"The Oprah of S. Florida" 
Her Guardian Angel
"The Doctor Phil of Family Court."

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see what she has to say. 

Coach Judy's Mission:

Offer Businesses and Families the Resources and Tools to
Help Achieve Professional and Personal Success in unique ways.   

If your are a Business or a Consumer who would like to
"Save Money" with the advertisers, or advertise with us.
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Additional marketing programs are available and can include lead generation for your business.

Free Gift for Businesses that sign up during the month of November!!.


 Today NSPRC Members will receive a Resource to help 

protect your information and your family from sexting, malware, to protecting your computers at work.
Thank you Palm Beach Software of Boynton Beach, for creating an update website for National Single Parent Resource Center.

We are now in
need of assistance to help uploading pictures, radio shows, and much more. Existing site:

Now lets make it functional by those who know more and can donate time to bring the site to life.

We are also in need of a new Lap Top or I pad as our laptop had died. Please help and have it taken off of your taxes as a tax deduction as the non-profit is a registered organization with the IRS and with the state of Florida.   

The non-profit award winning organization, was honored on a National and Local Level known to many is, National Single Parent Resource Center,

Until it's completed click on to take advantage of the resources already there. 

A New Call to Action:

Looking for Volunteers,
Independent Contractors, and Grant Writers
who care about families.

Empower Yourself by Making a Difference Professionally and Personally!

There are a number of opportunities to increase your financial income with the different fundraisers being offered. One as a Consumer or with being an Independent Contractor.  

 Please send your Resume to if you are interested in joining a new team of, "Quality Professional Business People." 

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informative, and passionate women is


  "Coach Judy Live Radio Show
"Practical Tips from A to Z to help YOU Achieve Professional and Personal Success."

Guests are from all over the world, have done national talk shows we all know about, authors,
and members of the, "Business Resource Directory," who offer valuable information
for making informed decisions.

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minded people, "Quality Professional Networking."

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Her      Click on
film to watch the show 





CCCoach Judy is please to announce Coach Judy NLetwCorking Ass. is being established. The new program will offer great benefits to Whyou.
Keep checking back to see when the launch is.


















































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