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Coach Judy Romanoff, a single parent with grown children, has worked since 1990 as a passionate women, helping single parent families, and other individuals in need. She's experienced challenges that other families face, including situations that are less common. 

She is known for, "turning her challenges into positive energy by creating new programs for others to acheive sucess!"

Commerce Bank of Boynton Beach Florida now TD Bank, recognized Coach Judy's efforts in helping her community by honoring her as their,
"Home Town Hero,"
when opening their bank on November 17, 2007.

As a determine women stepping out of her comfort zone to achieve her goals, she won her legal battle in family court, that changed her life forever. During the battle, she immersed herself with non-custodial, dads and mothers, who offered support and gave insight on how to win. Including were professionals who worked with the family court system from 1990 to 1992.

Never being the focus of media stories, or even speaking in front of people before, she refused to allow her lack of experience, to be an obstacle in speaking up. 

Today speaking up has become a love of hers and always looks for the opportunity to speak.
See below what people said when she spoke for a few minutes at a
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Through local and national media, she has addressed custodial and non-custodial issues. Examples: "How to save money with divorce," "Working in the Best Interest of the Children" "How to Rebuild Your Self Esteem," to
"Effective Communication."  

Facing her own challenges of foreclosure she understands the challenges faced by so many familes today, Coach Judy looks to address these issues by: Speaking on Home Forecloses and creating Affordable Housing Programs. She states, "The realties of these situations are not addressed enough, and is very excited to speaking with groups and raising funds to meet these needs.  

Developing a winning team, she is hard at work looking for avenues and people to help raise the capital to provide the programs single parent needs through National Single Parents Resource Center and to purchase complexes across the country. She looks to transform them into affordable housing. M-Powerment and Financial Programs to help families get ahead in their life, and regain the ability to have ownership in property, will be impleted too   

The organization established by Coach Judy in 1994, that was honored with a national award, by Parenting Coalition International in Washington D.C. 1999, at the National Press Club, "National Single Parent Resource Center," 
a non-profit organization, is assisting in this wonderful effort. 

She is also looking for dynamic individuals who would like to become a member of the new Board of Directors and take this organization to the next level. Email her if with your phone number if you or you know someone, who would be interested! 

The organization in conjunction with purchasing affordable housing projects, will purchase a home office, to offer unique programs in meeting with the business and social community. 

An example will be the, "Coach Judy Live Talk Show." This time the goal will be to air the show on the radio at the same time the show is being filmed in front of a live audience. People of the community will be invited to attend, and ask various guests who will be there in person or who will call in, questions during the show.
To watch the, "Coach Judy Live Talk Shows," filmed this past year, click on show at the top of the home page. 

 "Coach Judy Live Talk Show," has a show that can be seen quickly by clicking on  In the search box put in, Coach Judy and see her in action.

Since 1990, Coach Judy was a frequent guest on local talk and news shows: radio, TV, plus the newspapers, addressing single parent issues to, "rebuilding your life as a single parent."  In 1998 she was on a panel in Washington DC. to discuss parenting with other parenting organizations across the country on radio and the Internet. 

Reporters have contacted her as an expert for their stories too.

In 1993 she appeared on the, "Maury Povitch Show," to support a friend,(non-custodial father fighting for custody) to a short run show in LA titled, "Judge For Yourself 1994." 

Her home town paper knowing she didn't live there, "The Toledo Blade," featured her, when she was honored with the National Phoenix Award in 1999. NBC,TV 5, News, West Palm Beach, featured her as their local big story when leaving to receive the award. While ABC TV 25, West Palm Beach sent their affiliate to the luncheon to cover Coach
Judy receiving the award.

Coach Judy was acknowledged as a success story for a book titled, "Employee to Entrepreneur, The Employee's Guide to Entrepreneurial Success," written by Suzanne Mulvehill, MBA, This book is feature all over the world and is used in the incubator programs at various Business Chambers.

To help single parents gain insight on how to deal with their issues, Coach Judy and Digital Fusion House, produced a Two-Hour Video. Include are scenes played by actors, who have faced single parent challenges as a child or as an adult.  Parental Alienation Syndrome  a common problem and how it plays out to other family member is example of a scene.

 Included are the information sheets used in the film to create a
Training/Tool Kit for families dealing with these issues.

The Title of the Kit 

"Practical Knowledge for Facing Divorce and Single Parenthood,
Save Time, Money, Frustration
." ISBN# 0-9727565-2-3

These kits are in the hands of single parents from LA to New York, and even in S. Florida.

  One day she knows many of her bigger goals, will become a reality because, of her persistence of not giving up, even when others say, "let them go."
She tells people, "That we don't know how many times an inventor fails until he hits the the one product that will change people lives who name is now a household name."

Her Motto to others is

"Get the Facts Then React"

Organization Affiliations Past and Present

  • Coast PR Council of Boca Raton: Board Member

  • Board Member: Institute for Emotional Endurance

  • Boca Raton’s Promise Alliance for Youth
    E-Women Network

  • NOW

  • Children’s Rights Council: State Vice President

  • Mothers Without Custody: Regional Director of the Southeastern US, and Local Coordinator

To contact Coach Judy Romanoff for 
Speaking Presentation or to
  Donate for the Affordable Housing Program

 Dial, 561.441.8557 Email: 




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