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Good Morning, Judy 

First of all, I want to thank you for calling me when you mentioned me on your radio show. This morning I listened to your radio show & offer my deepest sympathy to your son on the passing of his dear pet. I'm an animal lover & volunteer at Tri-County Humane Society in Boca. Also have gone through the devastation of losing pets. Loved the encouragement you gave about keeping goals alive. It's very much in line with my song, "Feel Good About The Future" that I sent you. Best of everything to you on your trip to West Coast end of month. Leaving tomorrow for 2 weeks in Europe. Look forward to meeting with you. -Blessings

Sandra Imperatore Subrni t

 Hi Judy:

Hi Judy:

Regarding your show, you can quote me as saying "Coach Judy speaks with sincerity and passion on all topics that she discusses. Coach Judy truly draws in her audience and  really connects with the listeners" ---Steve Fier, Director of

Best Regards,
Steve Fier
Director of Advertising

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 Dear Judy Romanoff,

I am writing to let you know how fortunate I was to be a client of yours in the beginnipg QUnY separation from my hu!thand. We were put together miraculously at the right time and place. My guardian angel rearranged my day so that I could meet you even before I knew I would be separating from my husband. Not long after that, I found myself in a lawyers office seeking legal advice on separations because, at the time, I had planned to try to work out the problems in my marriage. This lawyer put me iri touch With you as she felt I needed the type of consultancy you offer. This could not have been more true!

After I called you, we agreed to meet at the same place we first met as it turned out we had something in common. You gently prepared me for divorce even before I had made up my mind. It was good because, by the time I realized our marriage would not be reconcilable, I knew what to do and how to go about it. I wish everyone could have this rare opportunity to be trained and ready for divorce should the need exist. No one gets married thinking they will divorce some day. However, even though the causes for divorce are varied, they are consistently familiar.

 Through your consultancy program inpluding the video, handoutst. and professional recommendations. I was able to begin the divorce p.rocess armed and ready for a battle that compares to no other type of confrontation.

 Thank-you very much for providing me with the tools for successful transition from marriage to single parenthood. I will recommend your services to anyone.



Dear Coach Judy:

As a Social WOlKer who has seen the difficulties that single parents and divorced parents expertence, I would like to tell you that I am trtlled to know that you are out there every Thursday moming and FJiday aftemoon offertng support and practical advice to these parents. In my personal as well as professional life I come across parents that need support every day and I am always happy to tell them where they can find you for support. Your video Practical Knowledge For Facing Divorce and Single Parenthood provides COmmoo~nse advice and information for parents facil19 divorce. I have shared this video with some of the parents that I have wolKed with and they have _all greatly benefiter1 from tbis . information.

1 would al50 like to thank you fOf keeping my son in YOijf prayers and sending him A g~t well wish from your radio program. I~rs been about a month since the accident and I am very happy to tell you that he is completely healed and will not have any permanent scars.

 Thank you

 Claudia Varela, SSW.



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